Friday, January 30, 2009

Jobs & Titles

I was thinking of all the different jobs I have had in my life and thought I might compose a list.
Change maker in the arcade at the Nevada Lodge (I was kindof babysitting there also)
Maid at a motel in Crystal Bay (I got fired before I received my first paycheck)
A cheese server at the Alpen Pantry (San Jose)
Clean & prepare dinner for Mr. Robertson 2x a week (San Jose)
Various cleaning jobs (San Jose)
Waitress @ Nevada Lodge (pre and post Chet)
Keno writer @ Nevada Lodge (pre and post Jessica)
Pillow sham maker (Tahoe City and Lake Shastina)
Home maker, mother, wife
Homeschool teacher
Piano/flute teacher (current)
Various cleaning jobs (current)
Photographer (future)

It's funny how we let ourselves become defined by our 'job.' I'd rather tell someone that I teach music than that I clean houses.
But really, we are who we are no matter what job we happen to be doing.
When we are getting to know another person, asking what they 'do' gives us a starting point in learning about them... What if, when you met someone new you chose to never ask them 'what they do' and decided to just get to know the person without any accompanying titles?

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Autie Carlisle said...

Thanks for writing that blog entry the other day! I like hearing those kinds of things. :) Keep going.